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Dear Friends, 

It is with great pleasure and gratitude that I present this honorary tribute to my music teacher and friend, Mr. Richard Herr Kauffman, of Cleveland, Ohio.

When I was 13 years old, Mr. Kauffman took me as a private student and gave me FREE music lessons in theory, sight reading, composition, etc. Because of his unselfish contributions and dedication to my musical growth, my life has been tremendously changed and enhanced. His dedication to help me develop has afforded me countless opportunities to perform and express my gift to others. May God bless Mr. Kauffman with many more years of peace, joy, and health. 

Love, Danny.

















Biography of Richard Herr Kauffman

Richard Herr Kauffman (Dick) was born in Medway, Ohio and graduated from Olive Branch High School in 1935. He earned his Bachelor of Music Degree as a piano major from the St. Louis Institute of Music and his Masters Degree in Music Theory from the University of Michigan in 1940.

He is a former Director of the Preparatory Department, St. Louis Institute of Music, where he initiated an extension  program to area settlements or neighborhood centers as a training ground or piano and theory majors. He taught seminar at St. Louis Institute of Music, which included seven foreign seminars abroad in major cities of Europe, studying with outstanding European piano pedagogues and performing artists. 

Mr. Kauffman then went to the Cleveland Music School Settlement to head the Extension Department in 1953 and became the first Director of their department. He held that post for thirty-two years developing the programs of music therapy, Neighborhood Centers Teen-In-Training and Special Services for the elderly ad the handicapped. He also organized the Music Therapy program at Cleveland State Hospital, helped establish the Great Lakes Region of the National Association of Music Therapy and assisted in the establishment of the Board of Trustees of the Cleveland Children's Museum. 

Mr. Kauffman was a central figure in helping the Rainey Institute transform from a settlement house social service agency to a community arts center. 



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